Case Study

Recognized attorney Cristina Montes Amador is a busy professional whose website did not index properly on online searches. She spent a significant amount of money in various services attempting to show up in results, hoping for referrals and traffic.  To her disappointment, non of it worked as promised. When she came to us, we immediately noticed that her site was not optimized for searches and had no integration to her social media circles, where she is quite popular. She did have a very nice logo and did not want to change the original colors of her brand. We transferred her site to the new optimized grid and integrated her social media channels to the new site. Today, she can manage her social media from the easy panel we provide (or from her phone), has total control of her site for any changes or content she might want to add on her own, and prospects can find her on their mobiles, since her site is fully responsive on any device.  At this point her online presence is ripe enough to begin social media engagement actions, blogging and email campaigns.

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