Case Study

Attorney Casasnovas is hailed as one of the best attorneys in Puerto Rico. He has a great following on radio, tv and in the social mediums, but he did not have a site. When we approached Mr. Casasnovas he understood the importance of getting him and his practice “on the map”. It was pretty crazy that all kinds of sources would come out on a search by his name, but his own sources were drowned by unsupported and unapproved sources, eating away his traffic. Creating a webpage for him has increased his traffic 100% immediately upon launching. Mr. Casasnovas’ site includes integration of social media, legal feeds on his social channels and continuous content generation support, since there are news related to him on a regular basis. For clients like him we recommend the Enterprise plan. This plan will make sure you have fresh content on your channels and site. Some coordination with your office is required, but we make everything so easy, fast and secure, the effort is well worth it. We will work with you on your own time, via texts, emails or any way convenient for you, perfect for public figures that are alwa’ys on the go.

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